"It was a pleasure to work with Joseph on the UCI admissions website redesign project. I am particularly thankful of the incredible project management on his end. The successful, on time launch of this website wouldn't have been possible without his leadership, patience and level-headed approach. We've rarely worked with clients that delivered information and feedback as quickly and efficiently as Joseph did on this project."

— Zach Braham, Senior Account Director, BARKLEYREI


"I worked with Joseph on student admissions marketing/communications materials at UCI. Rarely do I find a client as thoughtful, intelligent and collaborative as Joseph. He understands marketing and how to guide creative professionals, such as myself, to create their best work."

— Teresa Frtizler, Creative Director, FRITZLER DESIGN


“Joseph is one of the most insightful, thoughtful and creative communications/public relations professionals I have ever worked with. He’s resourceful, reliable, results-oriented and a great member of any team. He can manage every part of the communications process, from initial planning and implementation through analysis and next steps. If you ever get the opportunity to work with Joseph, you should take it."

— Kay Tucker, Director of Communications, AMBULATORY SURGERY CENTER ASSOCIATION


"Joseph was one of my all-time favorite hires. He wrote articles about innovations in the STEM world for our blog and did a stellar job. He is hard-working and conscientious, always striving to make his work the best it can be. And with an easy laugh and quick wit, Joseph is a great addition to any workplace."